Maderno cake


Maderno cake

A local speciality on sale just round the corner from the hotel.

"Yet the little village shops in the innermost streets have not entirely disappeared. And one of the bakeries has created a cake that is representative of the town. Short-crust pastry filled with a rich confectioner’s custard, baked and then sprinkled with icing sugar. This is torta Maderno, created by Giuseppe Perolini and now subject to numerous – though not always faithful – imitations by bakers and pastry cooks throughout the town. Anyone seeking the original version must go to the shop in Via Benamati in the centre of Maderno. It is can easily be identified by the naïf fresco outside depicting this speciality and also the famous Mantuan torta di rose [lit. rose cake].”

Source: spring 2008 edition of AB Atlante Bresciano

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